10 Things That “Rightsized” Seniors Know

by Jeannine Bryant

We take inspiration each day from our clients.  We assist many families through all kinds of transitions and we are able to see them each dealing with the process differently.  Some move through the situation with ease and grace, and others struggle quite a bit.  Here, we’ve collected a list of the top 10 things that our clients who have the easiest time with “rightsizing” know.

  1. It’s just stuff.  STUFF and PEOPLE and MEMORIES are not the same thing.  Stuff is just stuff.  It can’t replace people or memories or love.
  2. Things don’t hold memories, people do.  Just because I let go of an item doesn’t mean I let go of the memory of the person, time or place that it reminded me of.
  3. If I haven’t used it in twelve months, I’m not going to use it.
  4. I can bless someone else with my excess.  Letting go of all the “extras” in my house can actually be a blessing to someone else in my community.
  5. The most important stuff in my life isn’t STUFF.  It’s my health, my relationships, and my experiences.
  6. Less stuff = less to clean, less to organize, less to worry about, less to store.
  7. Just because I used to love an item in the past doesn’t mean I have to keep it forever.  (i.e.:  old hobbies, old collections, outdated clothing or decor)
  8. Just because my children/grandchildren don’t want my stuff, it doesn’t mean they don’t love me.  STUFF and LOVE are not the same thing.
  9. Change is inevitable.  I’m going to walk through this change with as much grace and dignity as I can muster.
  10. The hearse doesn’t come with a trailer.  When my time comes, I can’t take it with me!