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A Year of Letting Go: A month-by-month rightsizing calendar

I just wanted to say that I have found your material very helpful

I have read “Ready to Rightsize” and am using the “A Year of Letting Go Calendar” this year. I needed a plan for downsizing. The calendar has helped. I no longer walk around the house increasing my anxiety level thinking about all the things that need to be considered and not doing it. I now have a plan. Thanks. – ‘A Year of Letting Go: A month-by-month rightsizing calendar 2024’ book on Amazon

Evelyn Batson

This is for YOU

This book has relevant information for every single potential reader. Let’s learn from the author’s expertise in estate sales and the joys and challenges that families face regarding “stuff” when rightsizing or when someone passes away. I plan to take action now to create memories and minimize material objects. Thank you – ‘Keep the Memories, Not the Stuff’ book on Amazon

Angie Cardwell

Best Book to Declutter

This is the best book on decluttering I have read and I have started quite a few. Most of them were too long and after a chapter or two, I felt my time would be better spent getting rid of things I knew I didn’t want. This was an afternoon read loaded from the first page to the last with straight to the point information. Thank God someone finally understands, I’ve spent the last two years working on what to do with forty years worth of stuff in a one bedroom apartment. All the information was right here. – ‘Ready to Rightsize?’ book on Amazon

Debbie Deering

Brings new ideas to this subject

Excellent practical advice. Have read many of these types of books, but her perspective provided new ideas. It was very concise and incredibly helpful. – ‘Keep the Memories, Not the Stuff’ book on Amazon

Homer E Dodge

Great read whether you or your family need to rightsize now or in the near future! 👍

I wish I would have had this practical and easy to read guide when my parents sold the family acreage last year. My brother and I had been raised there and my parents are the typical “farmers” in that if they had one of something, they had three of it. I didn’t understand the emotional toll making this move had on both of them or the reasons they kept asking my brother and I to take family heirlooms that meant nothing to either of us. I could have handled that situation with so much more empathy and grace if I would have read this book back then. I highly encourage anyone with aging parents to pick up this informative guide to de-cluttering and rightsizing. It’s even inspired me to do some clean up myself! Thanks, Jeannine. Keep up the good work!! – ‘Ready to Rightsize?’ book on Amazon

Danny L Beyer

Extremely helpful book!

Jeannine comes through again with another extremely helpful book. Her first book, “Ready to Rightsize?” had helpful tips on how to physically get rid of stuff. THIS book helps readers through the emotional journey of getting rid of stuff, while offering ideas for reflecting on memories. As I work through my storage spaces I can almost hear Jeannine talking me through the difficult decisions. Her tips are relatable no matter what the circumstances or life stage you are going through. I highly recommend this book! – ‘Keep the Memories, Not the Stuff’ book on Amazon

Linda Hartman

Reminding yourself to downsize is a good thing!

Interesting for all those who are thinking about downsizing. Many points to ponder in the planning. Be sure to take photos of items you are donating so you can see them again when you want to. – ‘Ready to Rightsize?’ book on Amazon

Glenda S. Barcklow


This is the book that we all need.
It is short, but full of important information.
So fortunate to have found this treasure!
Thank you Jeannine Bryant for writing this!
It will help so many to live in the here and now! – ‘Keep the Memories, Not the Stuff’ book on Amazon


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