This is why you need a senior move manager

by Jeannine Bryant

Is there anyone who loves to move?  I mean, really loves it?  Sure, there are those who manage to have a positive attitude even through life’s biggest changes and are able to see a move as an exciting transition, full of new possibilities.  But the actual process of putting your stuff into boxes and moving it and unpacking it all again?  What a pain!

It is logistically complicated

Logistically, there is the hurdle of physically touching each object in your home and either getting rid of it or packing it into a box.  Most of our clients’ moves require between 75-150 boxes.  And remember – these are clients who are downsizing to apartments!  When we do a whole-house move for a client moving from a large house and into another large house, we can use as many as 400-500 boxes!  Each of those boxes also require packing tape, wrapping paper and bubble wrap.  The logistics of that alone can send one’s mind to spinning.

It is financially expensive

As far as expenses go, moving can be quite a drain.  Besides buying boxes and packing supplies, you’ve got to hire movers, you’ve got to put a down payment or a deposit down on your new home, pay for repairs and/or cleaning of your old house, manage the transaction of selling your old home, and take time off from work to physically do the packing, moving and unpacking.

It is emotionally draining

Emotionally, the move is often filled with all sorts of complicated feelings.  Even if one is excited about the new chapter, closing an old one can be sad and difficult.  You will miss calling your old place home, especially in the first few weeks and months when your new home doesn’t yet feel familiar.  There will be things about your old home you will miss, memories you fear you are leaving behind.

It is physically exhausting

Physically, moving requires a lot from you.  Once again, you are touching each and every object in your home – thousands of objects!  And you likely are handling those objects TWICE: once in your old home and once again in your new home, when unpacking!  The actual move day is a bit of a marathon, as you load up all the creature comforts of your old home re-locate to the new home.  There is a time, before the bed is set up and made, that you wonder how you will ever get through the day!

These are all the reasons why the senior move management industry is growing each year (visit for more information on senior move managers, and to find one near you).  Moving is costly in so many ways, and the job of a senior move manager is to guide clients through that mass of emotions and logistics so they can accomplish a transition they feel really good about.

Many clients say that using a senior move manager even makes the process FUN for them – something they never would have dreamed about.  And no, it’s not a free service.  Yes, it does cost money to hire a senior move manager, but they handle all the logistics, ease the emotions, and take the physical strain out of the task.  By streamlining the process, they end up saving clients money in the long run by negating the need for storage units, multiple trips with the moving truck, extended leases or delayed sale of the home while families struggle to empty house.

Above all, a senior move manager saves clients time and worry because they can handle all the details, big and small, involved in a transition.  They truly take clients by the hand and walk with them through the process, start to finish.