Isn’t Rightsizing really just downsizing?

by Jeannine Bryant

Most folks are familiar with the term “downsizing” but many times we are asked “What is rightsizing?” The short and sweet answer is that rightsizing is finding that place between too much and too little. I own a senior move management company in Lincoln, NE.  At Changing Spaces SRS, we have helped hundreds of seniors rightsize and move over the last decade.  I always tell folks that it’s not our job to convince them to let go of the things they love. It’s our job to encourage them to let go of the things that don’t mean as much so they can hold on to, and enjoy, the things they do love.

Many clients we work with are faced with the daunting task of relocating from a larger home to an apartment or condo that is half the size (sometimes less) of their old place. When one relocates from 3000 square feet down to 1500 square feet, the math is quite simple:  a large portion of their stuff has to go!  Our goal is that even though our clients are letting go of half their possessions, we hope that the other half they do keep are their absolute favorite items. It is our hope that after they go through the rightsizing process, they don’t really even miss the items they let go of.

When we talk about the process of rightsizing, it has to do with so much more than just your “stuff.” It has to do with your experiences, as well. Your relationships, your social life, your activities and adventures, your spiritual life: so many other things can get bigger when the burden of too much stuff and too much house gets smaller.  That is my sincere hope for all of you!