Prioritizing PEOPLE over STUFF

by Jeannine Bryant

The majority of knowledge and tips I share here have to do with STUFF.  Figuring out how much STUFF a person should keep, how much STUFF they should let go of, and how to store and organize the STUFF you’ve got.  But the truth is – STUFF is really the least important part of the rightsizing process.

In fact – it’s really not about the stuff, at all.  Is it?  It’s about the PEOPLE.  As a senior move management company, this is something my team at Changing Spaces SRS discusses on a regular basis – even though the majority of our time at work is spent dealing with our client’s STUFF, the real reason we do any of this, is the PEOPLE.

Sometimes we all need this reminder – to prioritize the people over the stuff.  The most important part of the rightsizing process is to take care of yourself and the rest of the people involved in the transition.  When you’re sorting, taking breaks often – every hour or so. Eat healthy snacks, and complete meals.  Drink water throughout your day.

Another tip is to tackle the least-used areas of your home first – the basement, the guest bedrooms, the formal dining room and living room.  Leave the kitchen and the bedroom undisturbed as long as you can so you can still have a peaceful place to eat, and a peaceful place to sleep at night.

Spend time with friends doing activities you enjoy to take your mind off the transition for a bit.  Spend time with children and grandchildren.

Lastly, expect emotions to be a part of this process, and welcome them.  There will be sadness, excitement, nostalgia, sometimes anger.  Hopefully there will be some laughter, as you encounter memories during the sorting process.   There will be pain, as well – tears, even.  All of that is completely normal.

Remember, this transition is a big one.  When you are leaving a home you have loved, and maybe even a home you have lived in for decades, it is a big deal.  The most important part of that transition is YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES.  It’s not the stuff.  So don’t worry so much about the stuff.  Focus on yourself and the ways you can make the transition a successful one for you and your family, mentally and emotionally.