Hutches are no longer just for dishes!

by Jeannine Bryant

I recently visited a person who is downsizing and was awed at the ingenious way she was using her traditional china hutch in her living room.  I’d never seen such a thing before.  Thoroughly impressed by her creativity, I asked if I could photograph the piece of furniture to share with others.

She explained her inspired idea by saying, “I just got sick and tired of looking at my dishes, so we decided to do something a bit more creative and meaningful!”  She packed away her set of china and brought out some of the meaningful keepsakes she and her husband had kept from throughout the years.  By displaying these items in a decorative way, they get to enjoy them daily!  “These are our childhoods, summed up!” she said to us.

What a great conversation piece, and a wonderful way to enjoy your mementoes and keepsakes.  This is a perfect example of being intentional about the objects that you surround yourself with, and displaying those “keepsake” items that truly bring you joy each time you see them.

How can you creatively display the things you love in your home?  Get those keepsakes out of boxes and bins in your basement and closets, and get them out into the open, where you can enjoy them!